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At a Youth for Agroecology conference organized by SEARICE, 40 youth delegates from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao took a stand for farmers’ rights, and to continue the fight that farmers have started. “As youth, we are adept at using social media,” they said. “Let us be the voice not only for the farmers but for anyone who has been marginalized. These people have not been recognized for what they contribute to our country."

399690998_256976037378405_6991731399271528304_n (1).jpg

Some of the youth participants appearing in the photos are Chris Paul Jara, Eldemar "Honeybunch" Sabete, Jerald Perete, Trisha Shane Ong, Kaye Tersol, Mark Anthony Barrios, Christian Ramento, Endrico Maanib, Abbie Joe Asis, James Cyruz Ulang, Jenny Apiado, Grace Joy Servando, Lyka Talamisan, and Jocelyn Taban-ud.

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