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Project Location

Sultan Kudarat and Arakan Valley, Cotabato

Project Duration

April 2018 to March 2020.

Right to Seeds (RISE) is a two-year project that aims to empower Philippine farmers towards the realization of their right to seeds. Its specific objectives include:


  1. Raise the awareness and deepen the understanding of relevant stakeholders, including farming communities and policymakers, on seeds and associated issues;

  2. Strengthen the capacities of farming communities as stewards and managers of local seed systems;

  3. Build alliances for collective actions and joint campaigns from local to national level; and

  4. Contribute to policy change that will uphold farmers’ right to seeds.


To realize these objectives, capacity building through farmer field schools (FFS) will be provided to farmers and organizations working on seeds in two Philippine provinces: Sultan Kudarat and Arakan Valley in Cotabato City.


At the national level, awareness raising, alliance building for collective actions and joint campaigns, and policy and advocacy campaign will be directed all stakeholders at the national level – from the smallholder farmers to policy makers, to civil society organizations and other relevant institutions.


For this project, SEARICE works closely with the municipal governments of Arakan and Sultan Kudarat, and the Sultan Kudarat State University (SKSU).

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