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Project Location

Myanmar, Vietnam, and Laos

Project Duration


Sowing Diversity = Harvesting Security (SD=HS) is a four-pillar project that aims to have greater food security and food justice by supporting the gender-just transformation of the global governance of food systems and strengthening affected citizen's access to knowledge, livelihood resources and public goods in the context of climate change and increased competition over resources.


Its general objective is to uphold, strengthen, and mainstream the rights and technical capacities of indigenous peoples and smallholder farmers (IPSHF), and to influence local to global policies and institutions on the access to and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and nutrition security under conditions of climate change. 


Its specific objectives (per pillar) are to:

  1. To strengthen the adaptive capacities of IPSHF in seed conservation, access and sustainable use by scaling up innovative and engendered models of biodiversity management (Pillar 1);​

  2. Enhance the livelihoods and seeds security of IPSHF by producing and marketing good quality and diversity of seeds through Public-Private Partnerships (Pillar 2)​ 

  3. Empower women to reclaim their role in food security through strengthening their capacity in seeds management and nutrition and global policy engagement to claim their right to food (Pillar 3); and

  4. ​Strengthen the capacities and knowledge base of developing countries and their IPSHF to secure national and global legislation and policies for the full implementation of Farmers' Rights and the Right to Food (Pillar 4).

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