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Field Manual on Agroecology

By: Carlos Basilio and Normita Ignacio

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Manwal ng Agroekolohiya

By: Carlos Basilio and Normita Ignacio


Field Manual on Agroecology


By: Carlos Basilio and Normita Ignacio

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Land Governance in Asia

Understanding the debates on

land tenure rights and land reforms

in the Asian context

by Antonio B. Quizon

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Plant Variety Protection in Practice in

Vietnam: The Pains in the Gains Achieved

by Cid Ryan Manalo & Normita Ignacio

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Prospects for Scaling Up Crop

Breeding Capacities of Seed Clubs

in Vietnam

by  Dr. Huynh Quang Tin

Normita Ignacio

Norminda Naluz and

Cid Ryan Manalo

Securing Local Seed Systems Pic.PNG

Securing the Local Seed Systems:

The Journey of Farmers' Seed Clubs

in Vietnam 

by  Dr. Huynh Quang Tin

Normita Ignacio

Sandy Jan Labarosa and 

Norminda Naluz


Revisiting the Streams of

Participatory Plant Breeding:

Insights from a Meeting

Among Friends
A Documentation of a Meeting

Organized by SEARICE, Hanoi, Vietnam

(March 2008)


Pathways to Participatory Farmer Plant Breeding: Stories and Reflections of the Community Biodiversity Development and Conservation Programme (2006)


Pre-pages (read)
Introduction (read pdf)
Directory of Authors (read pdf)
Section 1 – Experiential Learning: Creating Learning Spaces and Ensuring          Farmer Participation (read pdf)
Section 2- Networking Formal-Informal Linkages and Mainstreaming: Changes  in Professional and Organisational Behaviour (read pdf)
Section 3 – Community-Driven Policy Advocacy: Changes in Policies and            Structural Support Mechanisms (read pdf)
Section 4 – Gender Responsive Approach: Changes in Gender Roles and Relations (read pdf)
Section 5 – Socio-Economic and Cultural Dimensions: Changes in Approach and Methods (read pdf)
Section 6 – Product Development: Improvement of Crop Materials Towards Enhanced Diversity (read pdf)

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