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November 2014
2014: International Year of Family Farming

May 2009
SEARICE’s Contribution to Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources


December 2008
A Critical Assessment of the Arroyo Government’s Rice Self-Sufficiency Program


September 2008
Agrofuels and the Food Emergency in the Philippines


December 2007
RP-China 1 Million Hectares Agri-Deal on Hybrid Seeds Plantation: Implications to Philippines’ Plant Genetic Resources Diversity and Farmers’ Rights


July 2002
Recognition and Protection of Farmers’ Rights: An Initial Critique on the Plant Variety Protection Act of 2002


May 2002
The Bonn Guidelines on Access to Genetic Resources: Another False Hope Against Biopiracy?



May 2014
More Rice, Less Pork: Community Seed Banks in the Rice Seed Production Program


December 2009
Exploring the Legal Terrain for Farmers’ Rights: Advocacy and Plant Genetic Resources Conservation, Development & Use


July 2009
Farmers’ Rights as Human Rights


May 2009
Farmers’ Rights in International Law


November 2008
Hybrid Rice and the Mirage of Rice Self-Sufficiency


December 2007
Intellectual Property under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA): Implications for the Philippines and its Protection of Public Interest


November 2002
Dragged from Under the Sea: Experiences in Regulating Marine Bioprospecting in the Philippines


February 2002
Dregs from Under the Sea: Some Thoughts on Marine Bioprospecting


January 2002
Community Protocol: An Instrument to Protect the Rights of Communities to Biological and Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge


Ani (June-December 2007)
Panalipdan Ang Katungod sa Mga Mag-Uuma! Barog Alang sa Atong Humay Ampingan ta ang Atong Puso

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