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Other Publications

Fact Sheet
Save our Seeds Support Our Farmers
FAQs and Primers
Going Against the Golden Grain, A Primer on Golden Rice (October 2012)

Hybrid Rice: Whose Technology? Whose Seeds? A Primer on Hybrid Rice (January 2006)

Frequently Asked Questions About Community Registry

Hybrid Rice Primer (June 2005)

Why the Government Should Knock Out the Hybrid Rice Commercialization Program?

LL Rice 62: Why is it a Public Concern?

What You Need to Know About the Bt Corn Field Trials in the Philippines (May 2001)

International Farmers Technical Conference Proceedings

Women's Breeder (Boholano) (English)


Strengthening Climate Change Adaptation of Rural Farming Communities in Vietnam

Farmer-Bred Varieties Finding Their Place in the Seed Supply System of Vietnam
The Case of the HD1 Variety| 2013


Im Belagerungszustand der Konzerne

Gender Equity
Lessons from the Community Biodiversity Development and conservation- Biodiversity Use and Conservation Asia Programme (CBDC-BUCAP)

Securing the Local Seed Systems
The Journey of Farmer's Seeds Club in Vietnam

Hybrid Rice sa Asya: Ang Pagpupunla ng Binhi ng Pagsalalay

(Ang Katotohanan Tungkol sa Hybrid Rice)

Ang Katungod sa Binhi, Ang Katungod sa Kinabuhi

Pasiunang ng Balasahon sa Gisugyot nga Pag Bag-O sa Pilipinas Ug Nasyonal Nga Balaod sa Binhi

Golden Rice Fact Sheet  (English)   (Tagalog)   (Bisayas)

Golden Rice Infographics

Field Manual on AGROECOLOGY

The Demand of the Global South: How to COP 26 Failed to Address Loss and Damage

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