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Beyond Filling the Stomach

Nang Kham Yone.png

I am Nang Kham Yone, 29 years old. I live in Kho Hant village, Hopong Township, Southern Shan State, Myanmar. 


This is my first time to join a program like the farmers field school (FFS). During a survey conducted at the start of the project, I was selected as the chairperson of the FFS in our village because the other members saw that I am confident in talking to other people. I led every meeting. I also choose the people to send to training whenever our village gets invitation.


During the program, I learned a lot of things. The knowledge and skills I gained such as how to prepare a nutritious diet for my family are very useful. I used to prepare food just to fill our stomach but now I prepare food with the proper nutrition for my family in mind. I used to buy vegetables from the market, but now I am already growing our own food in our home garden. I also collect some in the forest.

Photo and anecdote were collected by Khun Chit Htoo, Area Coordinator for SD=HS Pillar 3 of METTA Foundation

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