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SEARICE is an organization that respects and promotes YOUR food rights by implementing farmers’ rights.
The following is a statement issued by SEARICE following the discussions on biodiversity at the 11th Conference of Parties being held in Hyderabad, India.

SEARICE Statement on Geo-Engineering

October 2012

Biodiversity is the cradle of all food produced in the world. We are gravely concerned about the effects of large scale open-air geoengineering experiments on how smallholder farmers produce your food. The FAO, UN CFS and the CBD, as well as the IAASTD, has recognized that 75% of the world’s food is produced by smallholder men and women farmers.

We therefore affirm decision X/33 in imposing a moratorium on geo-engineering technologies, and further call for a ban on open-air geo-engineering experiments. We also appreciate the secretariat’s initial work in obtaining the perspectives of ILCs on geo-engineering, however, there is genuine need to obtain the perspectives of smallholder men and women farmers on any technology that may have an adverse impact on how your food is produced. To this end, we support the calls of the Philippines, Ghana, Grenada, India, Bolivia and Ethiopia (in behalf of the African region) to determine the impacts of geoengineering techniques on biodiversity, most specifically on agricultural biodiversity and its impacts on smallholder food producers worldwide.


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