Empowerment of Small Farming Families is a Basic Criterion to Achieve Food Security

October 2012

SEARICE statement for the round table discussions on food security and climate change, CFS 39, October 15 -20, 2012, Rome

SEARICE appreciates the various documents (HLPE studies) prepared for this conference, and appreciates the recommendations aligned with the conservation, development and sustainable use of plant genetic resources amid the rigors of climate change. SEARICE furthermore appreciates the recognition that at the core of these policies should be farmers.
The documents presented to us state that, for farmers to be “at the center”, there is need to take advantage of their knowledge, there is need for their meaningful engagement and involvement from the start, there is need to provide them the necessary information such as weather statistics, at the proper time; and there is need to capacitate farmers to be able to adapt and so as not to be adversely affected by various mitigation measures.

Farmer involvement and the creation of physical and educational infrastructure, however, will be empty without the empowerment of small farming families. The extraction of traditional knowledge from small farming families should not be used so these can “adapt” to chemical agriculture, or to incorporate industrial farming. Their participation or meaningful engagement should not mean using small farming families as “experimentation sites” for technologies, just to obtain ...