Land Governance in Asia

Understanding the debates on land tenure rights and land reforms in the Asian context

by Antonio B. Quizon

Revisiting the Streams of Participatory Plant Breeding: Insights from a Meeting Among Friends
A Documentation of a Meeting Organized by SEARICE, Hanoi, Vietnam (March 2008)

Pathways to Participatory Farmer Plant Breeding: Stories and Reflections of the Community Biodiversity Development and Conservation Programme (2006)


Pre-pages (read)
Introduction (read pdf)
Directory of Authors (read pdf)
Section 1 – Experiential Learning: Creating Learning Spaces and Ensuring          Farmer Participation (read pdf)
Section 2- Networking Formal-Informal Linkages and Mainstreaming: Changes  in Professional and Organisational Behaviour (read pdf)
Section 3 – Community-Driven Policy Advocacy: Changes in Policies and            Structural Support Mechanisms (read pdf)
Section 4 – Gender Responsive Approach: Changes in Gender Roles and Relations (read pdf)
Section 5 – Socio-Economic and Cultural Dimensions: Changes in Approach and Methods (read pdf)
Section 6 – Product Development: Improvement of Crop Materials Towards Enhanced Diversity (read pdf)

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